Puulaiu Matkamajad

How would you like to spend some quality time by the sea while being surrounded by junipers? Or go boating, fishing, biking or hiking with your binoculars strapped around your neck on Käina Bay nature trail, smoke some fish on your own and sit by campfire at night?

Come and get cosy in a comfy room or family cottage. The sea, tranquillity and peace await you.

Puulaiu Guesthouse stands in the middle of juniper fields right between the bays of Käina and Jausa.

The main guesthouse has rooms for two or three persons, restrooms, showers, a wood-heated sauna and a telephone. Our peculiar cottages are perfect for visitors travelling with families. We can easily accommodate up to 44 persons. If needed, another 22 additional beds can be made.

Puulaiu Hiking Base is marked with the Hiiumaa Green Label. We have assumed an obligation to follow nature-friendly principles of service. The Hiiumaa Green Label marks accommodation or catering enterprises that operate in a sustainable manner. It means that these sites make every effort to minimise the effects of their activities on the so far rather undisturbed nature of Hiiumaa. A service enterprise marked with the Green Label undertakes to fulfil the self-assumed duties of sustainable management and invites the guests of Hiiumaa to do the same.

The nearest sights:

  • Orjaku nature trail and bird watching tower 2.5 km
  • Kassari (museums, beach, horseback riding) 7 km